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Philadelphia Football Cookie Cutter Set

Philadelphia Football Cookie Cutter Set

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Creative Cutters Philadelphia Football Cookie Cutter.

Kreative Cutters unique cookie cutters are 3d printed with food grade PLA plastic filament. Our one-of-a-kind custom cookie cutters are durable and comfortable to use. Each design comes in standard sizes however we can make cutters in other sizes if needed. If you need a custom cookie cutter or specific size let us know, we would be happy to assist you.

Cookie Cutter Measurements are from the largest diameter of the cutter. Please reference the attached diagram for reference or message us, for more information prior to ordering.

Philadelphia Football Cookie Cutter:

Measurements are approximate for reference purposes.

Ordering Size: With x Height

Football Helmet

2" Cutter 1.5in x 2in
2.5" Cutter 1.9in x 2.5in
3" Cutter: 2.3in x 3in
3.5" Cutter: 2.7in x 3.5in
4" Cutter 3in x 4in
4.5" Cutter: 3.5in x 4.5in
5" Cutter: 3.8in x 5in


2" Cutter 1.4in x 2in
2.5" Cutter 1.7in x 2.5in
3" Cutter: 2in x 3in
3.5" Cutter: 2.4in x 3.5in
4" Cutter 2.7in x 4in
4.5" Cutter: 3.1in x 4.5in
5" Cutter: 3.4in x 5in

Sports Finger Hand

2" Cutter 2in x 1.4in
2.5" Cutter 2.5in x 1.5in
3" Cutter: 3in x 1.7in
3.5" Cutter: 3.5in x 2in
4" Cutter 4in x 2.6in
4.5" Cutter: 4.5in x 2.6in
5" Cutter: 5in x 2.9in


2" Cutter 1.2in x 2in
2.5" Cutter 1.5in x 2.5in
3" Cutter: 1.8in x 3in
3.5" Cutter: 2.1in x 3.5in
4" Cutter 2.4in x 4in
4.5" Cutter: 2.7in x 4.5in
5" Cutter: 3in x 5in


We do not recommend washing our plastic cookie cutters in the dishwasher as the heat may damage the cutter, hand wash only in lukewarm soapy water.


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