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Making digital art come to life one cookie cutter at a time!

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Carrie's Sweet creation's / ETSY | Product Packaging & Tags

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About us:

Hello and welcome to Kreative Cutters. We are a husband-and-wife team. We feel so blessed and grateful for all of you who support our small family owned and operated business. 

A little about us; Carrie is a cookier who has been baking for more than 12 years for our local community in Bakersfield California. Carrie is not only a cookie artist but a creator who makes custom product packaging labels and custom gifts in her spare time. Her shops are Carrie's Sweet Creation's and River Haven Design's, links to both shops are on our website. You can follow us on IG or FB to see more of what we offer.

My name is John, I work a full-time job in the electrical industry and in my spare time, I help design the cookie cutters, run the printers, and provide our customers with technical support to keep everything running smoothly.

In our spare time we are usually spending time with our family. We have a daughter, 2-sons and 4-grandkids, 3-boys and a girl. We love to travel and spend time with each other. Ok, now about our cookie cutters. I could go on all day about the family!

We 3D print each cookie cutter with Mint Green PLA, which is a food safe plastic. We design each cutter to be strong, durable, and comfortable to use. All of our cutters now come with rounded handles for comfort and labeling to easily identify the shape.

We also take design requests and custom orders as we can, send us a message for more information. 

All of our products are made to order, please understand that our turnaround time is merely an estimate, but we do our best to get all orders shipped as soon as possible. We typically ship within 1-3 days; please reach out to us before ordering if you have any questions.