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Cat Squish Cake Pop Mold | Single or Multi-popper

Cat Squish Cake Pop Mold | Single or Multi-popper

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Kreative Cutters 3d printed Cake Pop Molds are made with high quality food safe PLA plastic. Each one-of-a-kind mold includes a custom designed plunger push tool that helps you remove your ingredients from the mold while maintaining the desired shape. 

Most designs are also available as a standard cookie cutter, cupcake topper or as a sprinkle stencil. Check out our shop for more products and designs.

Recommended Use:

Perfect for cookie dough, cake pops, clay and many more baking or craft projects.

Approximate Size:

Our Cake Pop Molds currently come in one size ranging from 1.5” to 2.25" from the longest side depending on the design and shape. Each mold will cut or shape your ingredients up to approximately 1” thick. Please note, sizes may vary slightly but we do our best to size each design appropriately for a cake pop. 


Single: Cake Pop Mold with Plunger tool.

Multi-popper: Cuts 6 Cake Pops at a time with plunger tool. Includes only 1-design for all 6 molds.

How To Use our Cake Pop Mold:

  • Roll out your cake mix, dough, or clay to your desired thickness.
  • Use the cake pop mold to cut and shape your ingredients into the desired shape, then gently push the plunger down to help push out the ingredients from the mold. Repeat as needed.
  • You can also push your ingredients into the mold until full then use the plunger to push out the ingredients. Using this method will result in a thicker cake pop.

To ensure a consistent cake pop size, we recommend you roll out your cake mix, dough or clay with a Joseph rolling pin or similar type roller so you can set the depth to your desired thickness. Check out our page or contact us if you need a larger roller guide for your rolling pin.


Our cookie cutters and molds are not dishwasher safe. We recommend hand washing our cutters and molds with lukewarm soapy water. Do not wash in hot water or in a dishwasher as this will ruin the mold and change the shape causing the plunger push tool not to function properly.


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